Welcome to Tobar Trua, The Well of Compassion, a space dedicated to the beauty and vitality of shamanic drums and rattles.

Here you can find a range of hand made and hand painted shamanic drums & rattles for sale. Each drum and rattle is brought through in the spirit of love, light and consciousness.



As artists we have a great love of the magic and beauty of art. We see the importance of the energetic component underlying each image/object and how the clarity of the artist allows each piece to shine.

 We see the plants, animals and land as spirit itself manifesting in many forms, as an endless display of creativity and wonder. We are ever rediscovering the depth of the natural state. We enjoy the beauty of surrendering to an intuitive way of working.



 Jaguar Shamanic Drum by Tobar Trua




Embracing No other Book

Will's new book has now been published


‘Embracing No Other’ charts the movement through the author's exploration of shamanism and the healing realm of plant medicines as he comes to face unseen conditionings and perceptual limits that had, for him, become like an energetic straight jacket. Will honestly and openly allows us to witness how his work with plant medicines such as ayahuasca, psilocybin and mapacho, transform his perspective on existence in a very real and pragmatic way.

In this book he poetically and skilfully elucidates how the healing work with the plants was a key to consciousness, a gateless gate where he could see reflected the patterns of conditioning that had him identified with a limited existence, to the point that he came to question his very own separate sense of existence as the medicine of the plants lead him to non-dual inquiry, with the questioning ‘Who am I?'

This inquiry, along with the plant work and the grace of Spirit, led to an awakening to his true nature as he discovered the freedom of ‘no-self,’ the truth and beauty of which deepened into the mystery of ‘I am,’ the shared heart of all.

Will's writing sheds light on the respectful and intelligent use of plant medicines as a means to come to Reality, rather than a fantastical voyeurism into entheogenic plant visions as entertainment or escape. Woven into this story are subtle pointers that invite one to re-taste the openness that we already are, for all is revealed to be consciousness itself in a myriad of forms and expressions.

‘Embracing No Other’ is a seminal work that bridges plant sentience and non-dual understanding in a synthesis of ‘no-other.’

This book is available at

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Will & Niamh Tobar trua